Australia is a British Commonwealth country. As a result of this, drivers from there have better driving privileges than those drivers from a lot of other countries. The type of policy which will be suitable for Australian motorists will depend on the following factors:

The length of their visit to the UK

Whether they own the vehicle they plan to drive

Whether they plan to drive for the entirety of their visit to the UK, or just part of their trip

What type of policy is most suitable?

In order to buy an annual policy, which offers the most cost effective cover for longer term drivers, then the driver will need to own the vehicle. The vehicle will need to be registered to them with the DVLA and they will need to have held a full licence, issued in their own country, for at least one year.

Citizens from Australia when buying annual insurance policies need to have regard to the length of time they have been in the UK. The reason we mention this is that, if such a driver has been in the UK for more than 4 years, then an annual policy is not going to be available because such motorists are only permitted to drive in the UK for up to 5 years, and in a situation like this, an annual policy would take them beyond that threshold.

The prudent thing to do in such circumstances would be to exchange their licence for a UK licence, which is a straightforward process.

If an annual policy best suits your circumstances, then click here and that will take you to a comparison tool from where you may view a range of options from some of the UK's leading insurers.

Are there other policies available?

For drivers who do not meet the criteria above to purchase an annual policy, then don't worry. There are plenty of options for short term insurance which covers a multitude of different scenario's.

Planning to borrow a family member or friends car?

Planning to drive some other vehicle not owned by you?

Only need to drive for a few days or weeks?

In any of these situations, short term insurance is going to offer a much more flexible product. For example, if borrowing a vehicle, and using an Australian licence, it would be very difficult and cost prohibitive to be added to the owners policy. Insurers don't like to do it, and the few who will actually allow this will charge handsomely for it.

Short term policies are available for periods between 1 and 28 days. Drivers need to have held their licence, issued in their own country, for at least one year to be eligible. They must have the full permission of the owner of the vehicle and they must have been in the country less than 5 years to be able to drive on this licence.

To look at the short term insurance options available individually, simply click here and we'll have you motoring in no time at all.

I only need to drive for a few days - do I need insurance

Yes. Insurance is a legal requirement to drive on UK roads. Penalties for driving without it are serious, and it is an area which is vigorously policed. If you drive past a Police car and don't have insurance, their onboard computers will alert them to this, and the vehicle will be taken from you. This is taken very seriously in the UK and trying to flout the law in regard to insurance when there are so many options available really isn't a good idea.


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